Donate Now to Support a Lord’s Army Outpost

As the commander of a Lord’s Army Outpost, you are taking an active stand to do your part to save the lost around you.  You are agreeing to serve our Lord through loving and discipling others.  We are here to train and equip you for your mission.


For a requested donation of $200*, we provide you with:

  • A Leadership Guide

  • 10 printed copies of “Lord’s Army Basic Training”

  • 50 printed outpost recruitment cards

  • Yard sign & stake to identify outpost location

  • Ongoing training and support

*A donation of this amount allows us to help individuals establish outposts in financially stressed areas- such as Tanzania.  Any donation over $100 will receive the materials as listed however.


You are joining dozens of other born-again Christians throughout the world that are leading their own Lord’s Army Outposts.  Our ministry has been blessed to reach more than 365,000 people with the Gospel so far, and we need your help!


If you have not taken the webinar or filled out the questionnaire beforehand, we ask that you do at least one of those prior to making a donation to ensure that we are the best fit for your support.  Please count the cost of what you are about to do.  We are not looking for your money, we are looking for your commitment.  Apathy is destroying untold lives around you every single day, and the Lord can use YOU to change those lives forever.  Make sure that you are committed to praying daily for this effort, for staying true to the Bible as the Word of God (even when that may be difficult at times) and that you actually will seek to truly command this outpost.


If you have counted the full cost and would like to proceed, then know that our prayers are with you that God choose you to change the world through His Gospel!


Join the Battle!