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The revelations:

Nature/General Revelation

The invisible attributes of God are plainly evident to all persons so that no individual is able to claim ignorance of His existence.  God has also given each person a conscience which instructs them on the moral laws and desires of God.  Therefore, each and every person in history, with a mind developed enough to be morally culpable, is without excuse.

Scripture/ Special Revelation

The Holy Bible is the divinely inspired Word of God, which was written through men as they were carried along by the Spirit.  Being the direct revelation of Truth from God, it is of higher authority than any person or man-made institution.  The Word of God is written so as to be clearly understood and important to the daily life of each person.  And the Bible contains within it all that is needed to fully equip believers for every good work.




God is the non-material,  omnipresent,  omnipotent,  non-temporal,  omniscient,  omnibenevolent,  sovereign  creator  and sustainer  of the Universe.  He is unchangeable  and infinite in His Being.

The Trinity

There is only one God.   Within this one God is the perfect unity of three Divine Persons- the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ) and the Holy Spirit.   These three persons are one God-  the same in substance, equal in power and glory.

Jesus Christ

He is our Lord, our Savior and the only eternal hope of humanity.   Eternal reconciliation/salvation is found in no other name or person or institution.   As the eternal Son, being fully God in every way,  He became fully human in the wondrous work of the incarnation through the Virgin Birth.   He alone has perfectly kept the Law and fulfilled the Covenant.   He offered Himself as a sacrifice for His Church on the Cross.  The sins of His Church were imputed to Him upon the Cross, and the righteousness that He earned in His life was then imputed to the Church.   After three days, He rose from the dead in a glorified body and ascended into heaven.   Along with the Father and the Holy Spirit, He created all things, sustains all things and reigns over all things in Heaven and on Earth.   He is our prophet, our priest and our king, and as such He makes intercession on our behalf.   He will return again at the end of this age in glory and judgment.

The Holy Spirit

Being always of one substance with the Father and the Son, the Holy Spirit is sent by the Father and the Son  to work upon the hearts of the redeemed; baptizing them into union with Our Lord Jesus Christ.   He glorifies the Son by regenerating and sanctifying those adopted into God’s family.   He convicts the world of sin,  He inspired the Special Revelation of God’s Word  and He regenerates spiritually dead sinners.  He is the sign and seal of salvation, the promised inheritance of those made new in Christ,   the one who indwells, guides, exhorts, corrects and equips the Church.



Act of Creation and the Fall

God created the Universe (all things including time and space) out of nothing.   His purpose in creation was purely in glorifying Himself,  which is the highest possible purpose,  and not because of a lack or a need.  He is completely sovereign over His creation in all things.   All things were created good  and Adam (the first man and federal head of all Creation) was placed under a covenant of works in which he was given a specific commandment as an opportunity to demonstrate his obedience to the Creator.   Adam chose to rebel against the Creator and thus suffered the penalty of death, which is separation from God and His perfection.   Being separated from perfection, the Universe was then accursed and in need of regeneration.


Every person, male and female, is created in the very image of God.   Because of this, every person is of supreme value and importance- worthy of respect, dignity and love.   Humanity is, at present, in a state of moral corruption and the inability to be perfectly righteous because of the curse upon Adam and his posterity.  Jesus Christ, being fully human, is the second Adam and the only person in whom humanity has any hope.

The Church

The Church is the universal body of Christ, of which He is the head.   The Church is not a building or a denomination, the Church consists of all those that have received the Holy Spirit.   Those in the Church are to gather in local congregations of other members of the Church.   These congregations have the responsibility and duty of building up and equipping the saints for the work of building up the body of Christ.




Because God is morally perfect,  He must ensure that justice is perfectly satisfied.  Because every single sin is an act of rebellion against an infinitely good God,  each sin carries with it an infinite penalty that must be atoned for.  Each person will either pay for his/her own sin himself/herself through eternal damnation, or the penalty for that sin will be imputed to Jesus Christ- who paid for it once-for-all upon the Cross.   Therefore, no person is justified by his/her own works, but rather by placing faith and trust in Jesus Christ.   Justification is a free gift of God by His grace alone.  This gift of faith comes out of regeneration which produces a love for the God who justifies and a desire for obedience to Him.


Once one is placed into a saving relationship with Christ and regenerated by the Holy Spirit, he/she then begins the synergistic process of sanctification.   While the one who is saved will continue to struggle with sin throughout this life,  the new heart given to the one who is justified produces an ever-increasing obedience that produces works and an increased Christlikeness.   One cannot be justified without also being in the process of being sanctified.

What We Believe:

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