Turn Your Everyday Life into a Ministry!

As a young Christian, I loved reading about the amazing lives of the great men and women in Christ from centuries past.  After a while, I began to wonder how the authors of these biographies knew so much about these heroes of the faith.  The answer is simple- they all kept very detailed journals!


As a mature Christian, I still love reading those biographies of the spiritual giants, but now I also enjoy reading my old prayer journals from years ago.  All the answered prayers, the trials that have now passed, the moments of highs and the moments of lows- recording those has helped me grow in my faith and relationship with Our Lord.


This notebook is a place to record your prayers and to keep a record of your daily works.  If you use it, you will grow and the Lord will bless your efforts to do amazing things in His name!


  • Spiral notebook
  • 118 ruled line single pages
  • Black back cover


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Lord's Army Prayer and Field Journal