• Skip Wilson

Upside Down Mice and the Church

As we continue to see the degeneration of the world around us, I implore you to stay steadfast. Permit me for a minute, while I paraphrase a short story by Roald Dahl for your encouragement.

A man notices a mouse in his home one evening, and thinks little of it.  He then notices on a later evening that the one mouse has become two, and still he does nothing about it.  Finally, his whole home is overrun by mice, and finally he acts.

He goes to the hardware store and buys some industrial strength glue and some mouse traps.  He then goes home and glues the mousetraps to the ceiling of his den.  That night, as the man slept, the mice came out and saw the mouse traps glued to the ceiling and laughed among themselves.  Surely the man was a fool for putting the mouse traps up there.

The next day, the man gets busy to work gluing everything in his den upside down, even gluing the rug to the ceiling.  That night, the mice came out and saw everything in the den on the ceiling.  They began to panic among themselves.  The man's trick had worked.  The mice began to assume that they must be walking on the ceiling somehow.  They began to feel sick, and to reorient themselves they all stood on their heads.  Eventually, one by one, the mice lost consciousness.

The next morning, the man came out and put the unconscious mice one by one in a bag to be carried away.

I wish to gleam from this story two lessons.  First, let us not be like the mice.  The whole world seems to be upside down, but we cannot let that cause us to begin to question our footing.  Stand firm on the foundation, confident in reality and upon what you stand.

Secondly, let us not continue to be like the man at the beginning of the story.  A few generations ago, the Church saw a mouse.  The moral revolution began to show its repugnant head, and little was done.  Now, our home seems to be overrun.  Let us ignore this problem no more.  Society became smarter, and many of the churches grew dumber.

Our King told us to evangelize... let us not fail Him.