• Skip Wilson

The Dumb Church

One of the biggest tragedies in the Western Church is the dumbing down of Doctrine. As Church congregations grew smarter and smarter, as access to information became easier and easier, the Church seemed to go in the opposite direction.

I am not a good carpenter by any stretch of the imagination, and yet I was able to put down hardwood floors in my house. I am no plumber, and yet I was able to replace a pipe and even hang dry wall. I am no mechanic, and yet I was able to change the spark plugs in my car.  This is all because information is readily available in a new and fascinating way.

This is just as true for the Church.  For the first time in history, Tyndale's dream of information being easily and accessible to all is fully realized- at least in Western Countries.  No longer is it only the priests and pastors that have shelves and shelves of commentaries and a Greek Bible- but instead everyone has access to those things at no cost.

Systematic theology is able to be fully done by the average pew warmer, and yet the Seeker Sensitive Church curse continues to grow.

Pastors, shepherds, our sheep asked for food and they were given crumbs.  Let this end now.  Let us feed our sheep to their fullness.  Let every member of the Church know the essential doctrines so well that they have no problem denouncing something in an instant as heresy.

The challenge to the Church is coming.  The starving and thin sheep that have been produced by crumb-giving shepherds are going to be filled in some way.  The world offers them filler, and that's exactly where they're going to go unless we instruct them.

Tyndale said that he would not stop until a plow boy knows more of Scripture than the pope.  Amen, and for us today, I say that we ought not stop until every man, woman and child knows the core things which God has revealed about Himself.

No longer is getting Scripture into the hands of the Church the problem.  For us, our challenge is to get Scripture into the heart and head of the masses.

Do not dumb down the Church.  The Church is the realm of the true intellectual.  Speak down to your intelligent audience, starve your sheep of a full meal and I assure you that you will incur the Wrath of the One that asked you to feed them.