• Skip Wilson

Do Not Die Unused

Your death, beloved, is swiftly approaching.  We often treat our days as if they were intended to be our own.  Selfishness and laziness becomes our everyday.

My fear is that we often do just enough good to quite our conscience.  We give money to the man begging on the street and drive on, fully satisfied with ourselves that we helped when others did not.  We go to Church and watch the news.  We have strong political and social opinions, but few of us ever actually take action.

What if, instead of giving money alone, we gave the Gospel?  Two men pass by a beggar, one provides for the beggar a meal; the other provides the beggar with the Gospel that the Holy Spirit uses to bring about a change in the man that saves him for eternity.  Who has done the greater good?

Our own laziness and tendency towards inaction is exactly what we must fight.  Thousands will die today, let us spread the Gospel quickly.

In Jesus' name, may we spend our days bringing glory to Him.  May we forsake the comforts that enslave us and exchange them instead for greatness in His sight.  That is my charge to you, dear beloved.  Let not yourself die unused.