Lord's Army Outposts

The method that Our Lord used to make a network of disciples that spread over the whole world is one that is still used on the mission field today.


As our population becomes increasingly unchurched, it is going to take a resurgence of this method if we are to effectively share the Gospel in our own time.  As the concept of community sinks into distant memory, it gives this method even more impact on the lives of others.


We’ve developed the Lord’s Army Outpost program as a means of formalizing and teaching this method of discipleship evangelism.


Each outpost is under the command of a born-again Christian, sworn to faithfully teach God’s Word.  We then equip that leader with a guided curriculum that clearly outlines the Gospel, covers the typical questions and objections of new believers and systematically explains the core doctrines of the Christian faith.

By working together in small groups of individuals from various backgrounds and beliefs, we foster a sense of true community wherein non-believers feel open to discuss their questions and objections, and mature Christians grow by nurturing those young in the faith.


The Lord has used this method to change thousands of lives and communities already.  Now it’s time for you to take action and join the battle!

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Get plugged in to a community of individuals all focused on examining the important issues of life together.

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Men and women just like you have been used by God to transform lives and rebuild communities.  Learn more on the link below.