Lord's Army Outpost Command Training

You are uniquely positioned in a time and place to be amazingly effective at making disciples.  Remember that, as a born-again Christian, you are directly commanded to make those disciples.  We have put together this platform to prayerfully help you do exactly that.  Take the first step towards changing peoples’ lives by watching this training.


In this Lord’s Army Outpost Command Training webinar, we’ll equip you with:

  • the method used by the Apostles throughout the book of Acts to found and grow the Church

  • how to build a group of seekers

  • how to discuss common objections

  • how to manage, promote and motivate your group

You have the potential to change the world- they just need you to take action.  After you have watched the video, if you are interested in seeing if you qualify to command a Lord's Army Outpost, fill out the form below and we'll contact you if we have any questions.

Outpost Commander Inquiry

Thanks for applying- we'll be in touch!!