Online trainings

As Christians, we are to be ever-growing in knowledge.  This includes a knowledge of what God has revealed to us, and a knowledge of how to share these Truths with others.  This is the aim of our online trainings.


Each training is broken up into modules.  Each module covers a specific topic and may be taken independently.  A module takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete and may be started/stopped or returned to whenever fits your schedule.  They are completely free.

Basic Training:

This free series of courses provide an overview of what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ. Covering the essentials of the faith, basic theology, experimental/experiential theology and an overview of Church history- these courses are designed to foster a trust in the Scriptures of God and an increased love/knowledge of the God of Scripture.

Module 1: 

The Grand Narrative

The Grand Narrative is the story of everything.  Not only is this the overarching story of the Bible, but this is the overall story of all of redemptive history.

Combat Training

This free series of courses provides an overview of how to fulfill the Great Commission. If you are in Christ, then you have a ministry; an obligation to share the Gospel with others. These courses are designed to teach the Scriptural principles involved in how to share the Gospel in a way that glorifies God, and covers how to overcome the most common objections.

Module 1: 

Sharing the Gospel

We all have an obligation to share the Gospel with others.  It is our privilege and our duty to play a part in the salvation of others to the Glory of God.  This module will help teach you how.

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