Current Operations



Lord's Army Basic Training:  A Survival Guide to the Christian Faith (book)

This book combines centuries of Church history and core biblical doctrines, and provides specific instruction on how those truths should impact you in your daily life.  This is a systematic theology covering the essential and basic beliefs of what it means to be a Christian.  This is all covered in short and simple language.  Whether you are looking for a small group study, a discipleship resource or just interested in your own spiritual growth, this book can help you.

Written Dispatches (Blog)

The blog is intended, as all things from the Lord’s Army, to strengthen and encourage those in Christ. Covering a wide range of topics from event recaps to current events to deep theological issues- this blog seeks to aide as a practical guide for ambassadors of Christ as they seek to live their day-to-day lives in a biblical way.

Radio Dispatches (Podcast)

These podcasts/webisodes are the audio/visual extension of the ministry- offering an engaging platform from which to equip and encourage those in Christ to fulfill the Great Commission and how to glorify God in day-to-day life. If you are looking for live audio of evangelistic encounters, deep Scriptural analysis of current events, timely exegesis of Scripture or any combination thereof, then this podcast is for you.

Field Deployment

Lord's Army Outposts

Our Lord poured His teaching into a small group of disciples.  Those disciples then went around the world, teaching what Jesus had commanded them to small groups of disciples.  Then those disciples went out teaching others and the pattern repeated itself down through the centuries until today.  By equipping individuals to use this same method today, we are fulfilling the Great Commission wherein Our Lord commanded us to go into all the world and make disciples.

Mission Upstate

If you picked 5 professing Christians from protestant churches in SC in 2011, then today one of those 5 would identify as having no religion whatsoever!  We prayerfully seek to be used by God to change that.  We are partnering with 50 local churches to lead an evangelistic movement in addition to 24+ events and multiple group meetings.

Online Training

Basic Training

This free series of courses provides an overview of what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ. Covering the essentials of the faith, basic theology, experimental/experiential theology and an overview of Church history- this video based course is designed to foster a trust in the Scriptures of God and an increased love/knowledge of the God of Scripture.


Programs in Development 

Combat Training- Infantry Training

This free course provides an overview of how to fulfill the Great Commission.  If you are in Christ, then you have a ministry; an obligation to share the Gospel with others.  This course is designed to teach the Scriptural principles involved in how to share the Gospel in a way that glorifies God, and covers how to overcome the most common objections.


Combat Training- Advanced Warfare

This course covers the major religions and compares their metanarratives to that of Christianity.  Fully committed to the Truth, this course seeks to represent the false beliefs fairly and accurately while exposing the fatal flaws in each, and most importantly, opens up an opportunity to properly share the Gospel to lost individuals of all worldviews.


Field Chaplain Training

This course will prepare you with how to share the faith to those that are currently going through a crisis or struggle.  If you are in Christ, then you have an obligation to care for those in need.  When not done at all, it is a failure of the Church.  When done in an unbiblical way, it can be a major detriment to the Church and to the person in need.  This course is designed to teach basic biblical counseling skills in a biblical and practical way.


The Grand Narratives (Movie)

This movie unpacks all the major metanarratives of the world’s major religions, including atheism.  The truth claims of each one are examined and compared to the Grand Narrative of Christianity.  It is intended that this movie serve as a major evangelistic tool to local congregations around the country.


Lord’s Army Gospel 5k (Event)

Family fun, fitness and faith merge together in this event that ultimately is intended to be used as an evangelistic opportunity for a community.