Marketing the Church- Guide

The Training

  • Make sure you've already completed our free course on this subject.  This guide is intended to be supplemental to that course.  If you have not done so already, then you can sign up for the course here.

  • Here's the presentation outlining the plan, reasoning and overall flow of the Discipleship Marketing Model proposed in our training

The Tools

  • The links on this section are affiliate links.  That just means that we get paid a kick-back if you end up using a service at our recommendation.  This allows us to keep our ministry going at low/no charge and doesn't cost you anything extra.

  • The design tool that we use throughout the course is Canva.  You can start a free trial of Canva- just Click Here.

  • The tool that we recommend for building the funnel is ClickFunnels.  They offer a powerful tool that combines existing funnel structures, automation, email/text message integration, A/B testing and an easy visual designer.  You can start a free 14-day trial- just Click Here.

    • An alternate tool you could use is Leadpages.  Leadpages is a simplified version of ClickFunnels that doesn't come with a lot of the integrations, but it's a third of the cost.  You can start a free 14-day trial- just Click Here.​​

The Steps

  1. Identify the proper "hook" for a particular audience.  The right hook is one that truly helps individuals, and it's something that you can offer for free.  This can be a free book, free webinar, free video, etc.  The hook should have a strong appeal to a very specific audience.

  2. Format and polish the hook into a finished piece and hone in the specifics of the audience the hook is meant to appeal to.

  3. Build a "funnel"- which is a guided page designed to move an individual along a specific path.  The goal for the Discipleship Model is to capture the individual's contact information and move him/her closer to visiting the congregation.

  4. Design and schedule the Facebook or Google Ads.

  5. Tweak and optimize the workflow to ensure an optimized performance at each step of the model.

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