A Christian Discipleship Ministry

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What is the Lord's Army about?

Every day Christians are neglecting their responsibility to make disciples because they don’t know how to do so.  The Lord’s Army is a group of born-again Christians who serve the Church by providing the tools and guidance needed.  Since December of 2018, hundreds of Christians have joined us in making disciples- reaching over 360,000 people so far with the Gospel!


God calls all Christians to do this work, and He has blessed our efforts.  You can join this work by joining the Lord’s Army network and maybe even by starting your own Lord’s Army Outpost.



From Basic Training to Combat training, our goal is to use the tools available to make disciples.


This weekly podcast highlights Christians living life on the front-lines of battle with the world.


Each blog post is intended to be a short/quick motivational outlet to help encourage us in our walk.


Our “Outpost” approach brings believers and non-believers together for true discipleship.